Our timeline

Our timeline

1970 - Mclean family acquire the farm in Hekpoort

The farm in Hekpoort is known as portion 354 of the farm Hartebeesfontein 472 JQ. It was used by the Mclean family mainly as a residential home and country getaway.

1994 - Original house struck by lightning

The original house, built by Denis Mclean, was struck by lightning in 1994 and was remodeled to accommodate the Mclean brother’s families as a country retreat.

1996 to 2008 - Team building and conferencing venue

The property was leased out to River Bear Lodge from 1996 to 2008 and used by them for team building and conferencing.

2009 - Mokoya and Sweet Thyme are born

Raymond Massey returned from Germany as an internationally qualified chef. All the existing buildings were converted and the Lapa prepared for Bianca Massey’s wedding - a great gathering of the German and South African Families. The Massey and Mclean families had founded Mokoya Lodge and Sweet Thyme Restaurant.

2009 to 2021 - a period of fantastic growth

The lodge grew from converting the existing buildings and upgrading the facilities to what you see today.

Today - a lodge with a bush and country atmosphere

The lodge is managed by Raymond Massey and Hayley Livesey with a a team of loyal staff who will make your stay with us most memorable.

A country lodge with a bush vibe

A country lodge with a bush and country atmosphere

The natural stone cottages are some of the oldest buildings built with the natural rocks picked up on the farm. This has added character to the rooms and compliments the thatch roofs which add to the bush and country atmosphere. The buildings have been placed in position to preserve the natural trees and bush that characterizes the property. The gardens have been carved out preserving the bush, and planted with shrubs and plants that survive the harsh winter frost and the summer droughts.

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